Christmas Crackers

We have had a wonderful response to our crackers filled with porcelain items.  Thank you for all your orders.  We will be making up crackers again for Christmas with new and interesting porcelain fillers as gifts for your family and friends.  

Crackers and  filler items

Boxes and boxes of crackers have been carefully packed and delivered.  No use of plastic was used in these crackers.  We carefully wrapped in tissue paper, paper and cardboard.   During our tests they survived falling on the floor completely intact.  We will be making them again next year so don’t forget to order fast, as we inundated.  

Thank you for your support.  Enjoy a Merry Christmas with Oclaysions.

  1.  Key ring tags for Dad
  2. 0 & x game.  10 pieces in a little bag
  3. Set of dice
  4. Pretty flower peg
  5. Bird peg 
  6. Butterfly peg
  7. Oval earrings
  8. Small oval solid earrings
  9.  Leaf earnings
  10. Triange earrings

11. Fortune cookie to add a message for your loved one

12 gift tag

13 Little robin.

14. & 15. Christmas tree decorations

16  Heart tag

17 & 18.  Christmas tree decorations

19.  Wine glass tags

20.  Beautiful flowers with a wire.  Can be used as a napkin holders, add to a bouquet, or tie around a present.

Christmas Crackers with a unique gift to last

Last orders  –  7th November