Wedding favours for guests

Give your guest a personalised favour  as an everlasting memento of your special occasion.  We strive to make our favours practical, reusable and sustainable as well as being beautiful and unique

Priced from R100

Personalised plate

Each guest  received a personalised plate with their name, an emblem and the date of the wedding etched on the plate, at thebeautiful  wedding of Clare and Servi.  Not only did these act as name plates, they were treasured by each guest.  

Fortune cookies

Ceramic fortune cookies.  These fortune cookies had a personal message for each wedding guest.  Brightly coloured ones are fun and quirky and the white and gold have been used at elegant functions.

R160 each

Honey pots

These honey pots with pretty flower dippers have the bride and grooms name and date of the wedding subtly embossed at the bottom as a wonderful momento of their special occassion 


Hearts, the symbol of love, are always popular. Add a personal message as a keepsake.  Can also be scented to hang in a closet


Large with gold R40 small R30
R20 each


Add your own words and let your guest choose.   The date can be engraved on the bottom.  An inexpensive and creative wedding favour



Our scented tea light candles fit a tea light perfectly, so can be reused.  A perfect gift that is practical and pretty.  Our lace candles are beautifully translucent and make a gorgeous gift

Large Lace edged candle holder R270 small tealight scented candle R90
R25 each

Herb Markers

Herb markers are a lovely useful keepsake, especially for an outdoor wedding

Table place markers and wine glass tags

Write on the table place markers with a felt tip pen, wipe off and reuse.  Perfect for buffet or cheese displays too.  

Reusable set of table setting name tag R50, Wine glass tag R120 set of 6

And many more……

Add creativity and style to your next Occasion

Let us know your theme and colours and we can help design a perfect favour or download our catalogue for a full list of our favours and prices

Design your own special favour